5 Shoptiq apps every online retailer should use

5 Shoptiq apps every online retailer should use

by Admin

As an ecommerce platform, Shoptiq makes it easy for anyone to start and run an online business even with no technical knowledge. How? By offering integrated apps that help merchants streamline their day-to-day tasks, increase sales opportunities, and engage with customers.

From marketing, promotion, analytics and customer service, to shipping and logistics, there’s an app for everything. But with so many great tools to choose from, finding the right app can take some time as well as trial and error.

In this article, we’ve shortlisted five commonly used Shoptiq apps that every online retailer should consider adding to their store.


#1 Announcement bar

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The announcement bar, or welcome header bar, lets you easily share important news and current promotions or boost newsletter signups on your online store.

By putting it right at the top of your website, it becomes highly noticeable to any visitor. They are also able to see it on every page, which means no matter how they found your site, your most important and current message can be seen.    

Given its strategic location at the top of the page, this space should be used wisely to highlight irresistible offers such as free giveaways or special limited-time promotions. In doing so, you entice first-time visitors to your site and turn them into shoppers while capturing their information for future marketing campaigns.


#2 Instagram Feed
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The Instagram Feed app lets you add a live feed of your Instagram posts to your online store. By showcasing your Instagram content (complete with likes and comments), it helps to gain brand credibility and also highlight the popularity of your store and products.

More importantly, linking your store’s Instagram account drives engagement and expands the reach of your Instagram posts, which helps you gain more followers and likes. This, in turn, increases your online presence and lowers your future marketing cost.


#3 Zendesk Chat

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According to an article by MarTech, 51% of shoppers are likely to make a purchase and 48% are more likely to return if your online store has live chat. With the award-winning Zendesk Chat web app, you can communicate with your customers in real time, whenever they need help.

Just like in a real store, Zendesk Chat lets you have live conversations with your customers so you can build genuine connections and relationships. What’s more, the help centre function means shoppers can find the answers to their questions, without interrupting their shopping experience.

And with the ability to switch between chats, phone calls, emails and social media messages, Zendesk Chat keeps you connected to your customers no matter what platform they’re on.

#4 MailChimp

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According to a report by Smart Insights, email marketing has a higher conversion rate than social media and search.  

As the world’s leading email marketing platform, MailChimp makes it easy and convenient for you to send out electronic direct mailers (eDMs). With multiple customisation options, creating eDMs, automated messages and targeted campaigns is a breeze. The easy-to-use interface also means you can design on-brand newsletters without any technical knowledge.

What’s more, MailChimp offers a host of templates so you can design beautiful landing pages within minutes to boost newsletter signups and grow your email lists.

More importantly, with MailChimp integration, all data is instantly captured and stored, enabling businesses to create segmented distribution lists for more effective and targeted communication. And with detailed reports and analytics on each campaign, you’ll always know what works and what doesn’t.


#5 Low Stock Alert

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Running out of stock is always bad for retailers. You may miss a sale and a prospective new customer. The Low Stock Alert app helps to prevent this by providing alerts via email or Slack when your product stock levels fall below a predefined threshold. But that’s not all. With the option to download a list of low-stock items, you know which products are most popular at a glance for proper management of future stock levels.

Once you’ve restocked your products, simply update the numbers and Low Stock Alert will adjust your store’s inventory levels accordingly. 


While these five apps are highly recommended for ecommerce retailers, Shoptiq has many more app extensions to offer. This makes it easy for anyone to integrate the function they need into their online store without any hassle or technical knowledge. Experience Shoptiq today with a 14-day free trial.