3 Overused Phrases That Are Making Your Product Description Less Attractive

3 Overused Phrases That Are Making Your Product Description Less Attractive

by Admin

For online business owners, writing a product description that sells can sometimes be more challenging than setting up the website or doing inventory management. Often, online business owners make the mistake of using default product descriptions provided by their suppliers or come up with mundane product descriptions without giving a second thought how this impacts the purchase and decision making. In fact, the lack of an appealing product description can be one of the reasons that attributes to poor sales.

If these cliché words or phrases are in your product description, it’s time to make a change and start creating unique product descriptions that will motivate your customers to click on that “buy” button.


“Excellent Product Quality”


Using phrases like this is not only generic but lacks persuasiveness. It does not help to sell your product either. Instead, try supporting your claims with product benefits, which would allow your customers to make informed choices.

Take for example, HIC Juice, an online store selling raw and vegan cold pressed juices, which sells its products by simply including the nutritional value and benefits of the juices in the description. Choosing a cold pressed juice of customer’s choice has never been more exciting!


“Beautiful” and “Elegant”


Online fashion and accessories retailers selling to females, may find themselves using these two words more often than not. A keyword search on AliExpress for ‘elegant jewellery, returned more than 70,000 results. Using such common keywords does not help your product to stand out, nor does it encourage purchase.

According to a storytelling research done in 2006, metaphors are better at eliciting responses from readers than using generic words. People are more likely to respond to product description like “adds glow to your skin” rather than “matches your outfit”.


‘Promise’ and ‘Guaranteed’


Refrain from overpromising customers with phrases like ‘guaranteed satisfaction” as it raises customers’ expectations towards the product and increases the likelihood of dissatisfaction should the product not deliver what it claims. Instead, replace such words with ownership imagery.

Ownership imagery refers to using words to help customers picture themselves using the product. It is discovered in a research that including sensory language like touch into the product description will help to increase perceived ownership. For example, ModCloth, an online store selling fun and friendly female apparels, did an excellent job in making customers feel that they own the blouse even before they purchase it.

“The throwback bliss you’ll experience from flaunting this mustard yellow blouse isn’t limited to its debut wear! With its ruffled neckline situated snugly atop a pair of ties, beautiful bell sleeves, and fun floral print in Ivory and cornflower hues, this retro top promises to leave you feeling delighted time and again.”


Writing a good product description usually takes time and effort, and to make the best out of it, avoid using cliché words/phrases that will do little to encourage purchase. Give it a try today and see how its gives your online sales a boost.