Killer tips for creating eye-catching product pages

Killer tips for creating eye-catching product pages

by Admin

Your online store is looking great and you’re finally ready to get down to business. But before you start to welcome customers, take a second look at any of your product pages and ask yourself: does it showcase your products in the best possible way?

In ecommerce, your product pages are the moment of truth for your business. They’ll either drive visitors to checkout or click away from your store.

Think of it as the ultimate test drive for your online business – if it looks good and feels good, people are more likely to buy.

Effective product pages immediately convey the value of your products and resonate with your audience to move them through the buying process.

While there’s no magic formula for creating captivating product pages, there are certain things you can do to make them stand out and keep your customers coming back.


Clean up your product URLs

Your domain name (URL) directs customers to your online store. But what most online retailers don’t know is that keyword-friendly and clean URLs impact search rankings.

Consider this scenario. An online Lego retailer is creating a product page for a new set called “Silent Mary”. Imagine if the URL for the page was:$ds. Now imagine if the URL were to look like this:

A good product page URL should contain the brand, product name and colour (if applicable). If you have a huge inventory, you can also include the product number for easy tracking.

You can easily simplify your URLs with handy URL shorteners like this one from Generate It or Google’s URL shortener.

By making URLs short and sweet, you not only make it easier for consumers to know what you’re selling, but also make your product pages SEO friendly so that they can rank high on search engines.


Use quality product shots

Ever heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? In ecommerce, that’s absolutely true.

A high-quality product image is literally your golden ticket to selling more. Vibrant, sharp images not only show off your products in the best possible light but also entice shoppers to buy.

An infographic by Powered by Search shows that 92.6% of consumers consider visuals the top influencing factor in their purchasing decisions.

Photo galleries are a great way to showcase different product lines and collections. Don’t forget to feature multiple angles of your products so shoppers know what you’re selling.

Lastly, always offer zoom and rotate functions whenever possible so potential customers can check out each product’s finer details.


Image 1


Write short, creative product descriptions

This is the meat of your product pages where shoppers will find all the information they need on your products. That’s why it’s important that your product titles and descriptions clearly convey what the items are and highlight any unique features or benefits.

Make sure you have all the basic information like price, dimensions and shipping options. If you’re selling clothing, include a size chart.

Keep your content concise with bullet points. Avoid jargon and over-complicated language, and make your copy fun, relatable and a joy to read.

Remember, no one wants to read a long, boring essay when they are shopping.


Image 2



Make it easy to buy

There’s nothing worse than wanting to buy something but not knowing how or where to checkout (read: abandoned carts).

According to a checkout study by Baymard Institute, 28% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order due to a “too long/complicated checkout process”.

To avoid losing the sale, online retailers must make the checkout process as easy and seamless as possible. Here’s how:

1. Place clear and visible ‘Add to cart’ buttons on your product page.

2. Make account registration optional.

3. Create a linear experience that guides customers through the checkout process (see below screenshots for mobile and desktop sample checkout layouts).

4. Provide customers with real-time chat support.

5. Add a quick link to the shopping cart on your top-level navigation bar so shoppers can easily view what’s in their cart and edit their items. 


Image 3

Image 4


Include compelling reviews

Nothing sells better than word-of-mouth marketing. After all, who better to review a product than a real customer who has actually bought and used it?

A study by BrightLocal revealed that 86% of consumers trust local online reviews and that 50% of people will go on to visit a business’ website if the reviews are positive.

Placing customer reviews and testimonials on your product pages builds buyer confidence, making shoppers more likely to buy from you. Social proof also gives consumers a sense of trust, which is crucial in convincing a first-time buyer to commit.  

Collect customer reviews whenever possible by including a friendly reminder after checkout. As an added incentive, you can offer a discount or free shipping on their next purchase, or a small token of appreciation.

Most importantly, never hide or delete reviews even if they are negative. The way you handle negative comments says a lot, so always be professional and polite.


There you have it – all the essentials you need to create killer product pages. When you start seeing an increase in conversions and satisfied customers, you’ll know you’ve done it right.


To recap:

  • Keep your product URLS short, sweet and informative

  • Use high-resolution images that show off your products

  • Craft creative copy that is relatable, snappy and easy to read

  • Make your checkout process as smooth as possible

  • Showcase customer reviews and testimonials