Migrate your Shopify store hassle-free to Shoptiq

Migrate your Shopify store hassle-free to Shoptiq

by Admin on Tue, 11/28/2017 - 05:10


You can now transfer your products from Shopify to Shoptiq in minutes!

Migrating your online store from one ecommerce platform to another doesn’t mean you have to start all over again. It can be hassle free, especially if you’re a Shopify customer. You can now transfer your store effortlessly to Shoptiq using the product import tool or CSV file upload.

Here are some of our happy customers who have migrated from Shopify to Shoptiq:

  1. Ming Fa  

  2. TCM shop  


Here’s how you do it using the Product Import tool:

1. Log in to your Shopify account, and select “Apps” located on the left panel. Click on “Manage Private Apps” which can be found at the bottom of the page and select “create your private app”.

2. Enter “Product import” under the Private app name.

3. Ensure your API settings are set to “Read access”, and click “Save”.

4. Once done, copy paste your “Example url”.

5. Log in to your Shoptiq account and click on “Products”. Click on “Import Products” located at the top, and select “Shopify”.

6. Paste the copied “Example url” under Shopify Product Import field and click “Save”.

Alternatively, you can choose the CSV file upload to migrate your Shopify product catalogue by following the steps below:

Step 1: Export products from your Shopify account

From your Shopify admin dashboard, click on “Products”, followed by “Export”. You can choose to export all products or selected products. Click on “CSV for Excel” to download the product list.

Step 2: Go to your Shoptiq account and download the CSV template

From your Shoptiq dashboard, access the Products page by selecting "Products”. Click on “Import product” located at the top left corner of your Product page. Look out for the CSV icon, and choose “Download the CSV template to see the format required”.

Step 3: Copy and paste your Shopify product details into the CSV template

You will need to transfer the product details into the Shoptiq CSV template accordingly. Please take note of these two important steps:

  • Refrain from making any changes to the text from Row 1, from Column A to Column Y.
  • Column A and Column B are the only mandatory fields for each product. You may leave the other fields blank if they are not applicable.

Once you have completed the CSV file, you’re ready to upload it into your Shoptiq store!


Migrate your store to Shoptiq now! Shoptiq lets you reach out to more customers by connecting your online store to leading marketplaces such as Qoo10 and Lazada, Amazon and eBay. You can also advertise your online store on Facebook and Google using Adtiq, and fulfil your orders with integrated local and global logistics providers such as Singapore Post, Ninja Van and FedEx.

Don’t have a Shoptiq account yet? Sign up for the 15-day free trial.

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