Shoptiq is now partnered with EasyStore

Shoptiq is now partnered with EasyStore

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Shoptiq is proud to announce that we are partnering ecommerce platform, EasyStore, to provide aspiring business owners with an easier and better way to sell.  

Since the launch of Shoptiq in 2017, Singtel has been seeking a solution provider that can offer local business owners a holistic ecommerce ecosystem. The goal is to enable them to start an online business easily with no technical knowledge required.

This partnership also supports IMDA and Enterprise Singapore’s recent Start Digital initiative, which aims to help SMEs digitise their business right from the get-go. And the fastest way to do this – bring their brick-and-mortar businesses online.

With multiple features and useful tools, Shoptiq makes the omni-channel experience simpler with a point-of-sale system that enables online retailers to sell anytime, anywhere. What’s more, businesses looking beyond the local market can easily do so with multi-currency and global delivery options.

With the shared vision of bringing ecommerce readiness to the local market, Shoptiq and EasyStore are committed to delivering new enhanced features that make ecommerce more accessible and easier for businesses to adopt.

Here are some of the perks businesses can look forward to with the new collaboration.


#1 More ways to pay

Having a convenient payment system is very important to ecommerce, especially if you’re selling to the world.

EasyStore supports over 40 international payment gateways. Whether it’s popular payment providers like PayPal and Stripe or mobile wallet options like GrabPay, FavePay and AliPay, there’s always an easy way for your customers to pay.


#2 Reduced cost and increased sales with marketing automation

In retail, customer relationships are everything. But many online retailers struggle to maintain quality relationships with their shoppers due to a lack of time or budget. That’s where marketing automation comes in.

With access to integrated apps such as Mail Chimp and Zendesk Chat, retailers can increase conversions and sales through DIY email marketing campaigns and respond to customer queries instantly.

More importantly, you can gain access to key customer data and analytics so you know what works and what doesn’t to create more effective and personalised campaigns that resonate with your customers.

The result: a pool of loyal shoppers that will keep coming back. 


#3 Multi-currency options

The best thing about ecommerce is being able to sell to customers around the world, wherever you are.

According to Go-Globe, 60% of Singapore’s ecommerce sales are cross-border orders.

As more people shop online across geographies, offering multi-currency payment gives customers a better shopping experience by not having to worry about conversion rates and credit card charges.

Shoptiq’s multi-currency feature makes it easy for retailers to add foreign currency payment options.


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#4 Selling online and offline

The rise of omni-channel retailing has seen many brick-and-mortar stores launching digital storefronts even as online retailers seek to establish a physical presence. The goal: to provide shoppers with a unified experience across online and offline channels.

Shoptiq’s web-based point-of-sale (POS) system enables you to manage orders, customers, inventory, payments and receipts for both your online and offline stores on one panel in real time.

In the event you lose your internet connection while operating offline, all orders will be stored locally in your browser, ready to be uploaded and synced once you’re online. That way, you’ll never miss a sale again.


#5 Self-collection option

Every online retailer knows shipping and order fulfilment are the toughest parts of ecommerce. That’s why many omni-channel ecommerce outlets are starting to offer in-store pickups. Shoptiq also allows retailers to add multiple locations and set collection timings for customers who choose to self-collect their items. This is particularly useful for ecommerce stores that operate via a pre-order system.

This culture of self-collection reduces the number of  deliveries, which means lower shipping costs and a more efficient fulfilment process.


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Once you’ve created the online store of your dreams, the last thing left to do is announce that you’re open for business. And the fastest, simplest and most affordable way is with Adtiq.

An easy-to-use online advertising platform, Adtiq helps you plan, create, manage and optimise online advertising on all your favourite social media platforms.

With timely reports and guides to help you improve performance and ROI, you’ll not only increase traffic to your store but, more importantly, convert visitors into customers.


To recap, here’s why you should sell with Shoptiq:

  • Multiple payment gateways for international selling

  • Access to integrated marketing apps for must-have customer service and outreach

  • Multi-currency option so buyers get price transparency and better value

  • Integrated POS system for both online and offline selling

  • Self-pickup from multiple locations and timings

  • Efficient online advertising with Adtiq